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We Buy Houses In Miami FL!

Want to sell your house quickly in Miami? We buy houses as-is for cash. No agent fees, no repairs, and it’s 100% free! See how our easy cash home buying process works!

Sell Your Home Without Commissions in 3 Easy Steps

We specialize in buying homes directly from homeowners in Miami, offering cash transactions without the need for banks or real estate agents. Experience a hassle-free sale and receive a fair, swift cash offer for your property with us.

Step 1

Contact Us

Sell my house fast Miami

Start by sharing a brief overview of your property, both its features and its story. Then, schedule a quick chat. Our team will walk you through the process and address any concerns you have.

Step 2

Get Your Cash Offer

we buy houses for cash

After discussing your property and considering local market trends, we’ll give you a fair cash offer, usually within 24 hours. Our offer is straightforward with no hidden fees.

Step 3

Close & Cash Out

sell your house fast for cash

Once you accept the offer, pick a closing date that suits you. We’ll manage the paperwork for a hassle-free process. After closing, you’ll get your cash without any commission deductions.

selling my house fast Miami

Cash Home Buyers In Miami

In the bustling streets of Miami, Johnson Buys, LLC emerges as the leading Cash Home Buyers In Miami, redefining the traditional real estate experience. No longer do homeowners need to wade through endless paperwork, multiple showings, or protracted negotiations. As Cash Home Buyers In Miami, we’re committed to a swift, straightforward, and beneficial process for every seller.

Each home in Miami tells its unique tale, reflecting the city’s vibrant culture and diverse architecture. As the trusted Cash Home Buyers In Miami, Johnson’s takes the essence of every property to heart, crafting offers that encapsulate its true worth. Our deep-rooted understanding of Miami’s varied neighborhoods ensures that our cash offers resonate authentically with the local market pulse. With Johnson Buys, LLC, you don’t just get a buyer; you get a partner who understands Miami inside and out.

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We Buy Houses in Every Situation

Life’s unpredictability means homeowners often find themselves in situations they hadn’t anticipated. Whether it’s unexpected financial challenges, sudden life changes, or property-related dilemmas, every homeowner deserves a dependable solution. At Johnson Buys, LLC, we stand by our commitment: “we buy houses in any situation.” Our purpose is not just to purchase homes, but to offer relief, guidance, and assurance when you need it most. From the intricacies of inherited properties to the pressures of a looming foreclosure, we’re your steadfast partner. With our tailored approach, you can be confident that you’ll receive a fair offer and a quick closure, no matter the scenario. Explore below to understand the breadth of situations we cater to, always prioritizing your peace of mind.

Facing Repairs?

If your home requires significant repairs or renovations that you can’t afford or aren’t willing to manage, don’t fret. We buy houses regardless of their condition, ensuring you don’t have to pour money into a property before selling it.

Inherited Property?

Inheriting a property, while sometimes a blessing, can also present challenges, especially if you’re unprepared to maintain it or pay associated taxes. Instead of letting the property sit or deteriorate, let us offer you a hassle-free sale process.

Going Through Divorce?

Divorce proceedings can be emotionally draining. The added pressure of dividing assets, especially real estate, can complicate matters. We offer a quick and uncomplicated route, buying your shared property, and providing both parties with closure.

Facing Foreclosure?

The looming threat of foreclosure can be stressful and overwhelming. If you’re in a tight spot and looking for a swift resolution, we’re here to help. We can expedite the buying process, offering you a fair cash price for your home.


Whether it’s a new job, family obligations, or just the need for a change of scenery, when you have to move quickly, waiting for the right buyer isn’t always an option. We buy your house as-is, so you can relocate without lingering worries.

Dealing with Bad Tenants?

Rental properties can be an excellent investment, but not when they come with troublesome tenants. If you’re at your wit’s end, we can step in, purchasing the property and freeing you from ongoing rental headaches.

We Buy Houses For Cash In Miami

Skip the stress of refurbishments and dodging unreliable contractors. With us, there’s no need for you to touch a paintbrush or hammer. We handle all repairs after the purchase, ensuring you sell your home as-is, in its current state. It’s straightforward: we buy, you benefit, we refurbish.

Think twice before committing to a lengthy listing agreement. Instead, discover the simplicity of a direct cash offer. With us, there are no open houses, tiring inspections, or drawn-out negotiations. It’s about giving you a prompt sale without the usual fuss. No fees. No games. Pure efficiency.

Offering certainty in an uncertain world, we commit to closing the deal on your timeline. If you’re in a rush, we’re equipped to finalize everything in as little as 7-10 days. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Why Choose Johnson Buys, LLC?

Is there a solution to skip the uncertainty and lengthy process of a traditional home sale? Yes, there is! Sell directly to Johnson Buys, LLC. We buy houses directly from Miami homeowners for cash. Sell your house fast and without having to pay an agent’s commission.

When we buy your house with our local Cash Home Buyer program…

we buy houses as is

No Commissions

At Johnson Buys, LLC, selling your house doesn’t come with hefty commissions. We believe in a transparent and straightforward process, ensuring you retain more from the sale. No need to pay commission to us.

need to sell my house fast

Transparent Process

We believe in building trust. From our initial conversation to the final handshake, you’ll be kept in the loop. No hidden fees, no last-minute changes—just a seamless, transparent process that puts your needs at the forefront.

sell your house for fast cash

Fast & Fair Offers

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. At Johnson Buys, LLC, we prioritize efficiency without sacrificing fairness. Our team’s expertise and local market knowledge allow us to present you with a competitive cash offer within 24 hours.

sell my house fast as is

Quick Closings

Traditional real estate processes can drag on for months. We’ve streamlined our process to be swift and efficient. Once you accept our offer, we can close the deal in as few as 7 days, putting cash in your hands faster.

we buy any houses in Miami

No Repairs Needed

Traditional home selling often involves costly renovations and time-consuming repairs. With us, you can bypass those headaches. Whether your home is move-in ready or a complete fixer-upper, we are prepared to buy it “as-is”.

sell my house fast

Experienced Team

Our team consists of dedicated real estate professionals who bring years of experience to the table. Whether it’s market analysis, legal procedures, or negotiation, we’ve got the skills to ensure a smooth experience for you.

Sell Your House In Miami Without An Agent

Navigating the Miami real estate maze can seem daunting. But what if there was a simpler, more streamlined way? Enter the world of direct house selling, where you can skip the traditional hurdles of agent listings and dive straight into a hassle-free selling experience. For homeowners keen on saving time and maximizing returns, this method offers a fresh, efficient alternative. By opting to sell your house in Miami without an agent, you not only sidestep hefty commission fees but also take control of your sale from start to finish. With the Miami housing market ever-evolving, now might be the perfect time to explore this efficient, keyword-optimized method and see the benefits firsthand.

CriteriaSelling to Cash Home BuyersSelling with an Agent
Commission FeesAbsolutely none. You retain the full selling price.Expect to deduct 5-6% of the sale price, reducing your net earnings significantly.
Closing TimeLightning fast! Sales can close in as little as 7-10 days.A longer wait of 30-60 days is standard, with some sales dragging on even more.
Home RepairsBid farewell to renovations. Properties are bought as-is, warts and all.Be prepared for potential costly repairs or upgrades to make the listing appealing.
Inspections & ShowingsA seamless process with minimal or no inspections and zero disruptive showings.Ready yourself for multiple inspections and a parade of potential buyers through your home.
Closing CostsA bonus for sellers! Many cash buyers often shoulder the closing costs.Usually, the seller bears the brunt of these additional expenses.
Price FlexibilityYou receive a straightforward and fixed cash offer without haggles.While the price may be negotiable, there’s also increased uncertainty, with deals sometimes falling through.
Transaction CertaintyHigh certainty with cash deals, eliminating risks of financing issues.There’s always a risk. Deals can collapse if a buyer’s financing doesn’t get approved.

When analyzed in depth, the benefits of selling to cash home buyers, especially in a dynamic market like Miami, become apparent. But remember, the best choice is one that aligns with your personal circumstances and goals.

Honest, Professional, Responsive. See How Many Others Describe Working With Us!

Get A No-Obligation Cash Offer.
You Can Always Say “No”.

Fast Home Selling Solutions for Miami Residents

Struggling with skyrocketing back taxes? Drowning in exorbitant water bills? Staggered by an astronomical gas bill? We’re here to help. We’ve encountered and navigated these situations before. Our team is ready to negotiate and purchase your property swiftly.

Can I Sell to Bypass Foreclosure?

Absolutely! Right up until your property is on the auction block, most lending institutions would prefer to find a middle ground, allowing you to make a sale instead of seizing your home through foreclosure. With our expertise, we can guide you in sidestepping foreclosure entirely.

Facing Non-paying Tenants or Squatters?

Put your concerns to rest. We’re prepared to buy your property promptly, collaborating with your tenants to address and settle any issues.

We aren’t house flippers or distant investors. We’re locals who believe in Buying and Holding properties…

While flippers require larger profit margins, often leading them to make minimal offers, we take a different approach. We retain the properties we purchase, which means we don’t need to undercut our offers. By choosing us, you ensure the maximum cash benefit for your property.

Planning a relocation?

Allow us to extend a prompt and equitable cash offer for your Philadelphia home, ensuring a seamless transition tailored to your schedule…

Navigating a divorce is challenging.

Our mission is to facilitate the most straightforward property liquidation process, ensuring that all involved parties feel they’ve achieved a just sale during these trying times.

Get started by submitting your property information below; you’ll receive a cash offer on your house within 24 hours. We can close whenever YOU choose to close – it’s entirely up to you! It doesn’t matter the condition, if you have owned the house long, or if there are tenants you can’t get rid of. We’ll take care of it all. And, because we buy houses for cash, you don’t have to worry about your buyer getting financing; we can close in as little as seven days. Go here to learn about our process →

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Sell Your House For Cash In Miami And Walk Away

We purchase properties directly from homeowners like you, regardless of the circumstances. Whether it’s due to divorce, foreclosure, the passing of a loved one, an unwieldy rental property, or any other scenario, we offer cash for homes in Miami. Understandably, many homeowners have hectic schedules that prevent them from making the necessary preparations to sell a house in the traditional manner. If this sounds like you, simply inform us about the property you’re considering selling. We can assist in facilitating a swift, cash sale.

If you’re tired of the challenges associated with your property, yet daunted by the complexities and potential costs of a conventional sale, reach out to us. Provide details about the property you wish to offload, and you could receive a fair, commitment-free, all-cash offer within a day and finalize the deal in just a week!

We buy houses in Miami and all surrounding areas in FL. If you need to sell your house fast, we promise to make you a fair, no-obligation, no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose. Still have questions? Calling us could be the best decision you make all week! 🙂 305-575-9040